I recently purchased item 125B-BRC-RB Husqvarna 125B

28CC Gas leaf Blower from VMInnovations. It was delivered today in absolutely unacceptable condition. The box the blower came in was open when I

received it, the item is damaged in multiple places, and has no indication

it was every refurbished by any factory, ever. There is no inspection

sticker, refurbished tag, or any other indicator the item has ever been

refurbished. In fact, not only is there damage to multiple places on the

blower, there is still fuel inside the fuel lines, the blower stinks of

gas, and the inside of the box has oil spots on it. The description on VM

Innovations.com says:

"This item was refurbished by the manufacturer to the original condition

and is guaranteed to meet or exceed specifications and performance of a

brand new unit."

Well, the item I was given does not indicate to be refurbished by the

manufacturer and is not even close to the specifications and performance of

a brand new unit. I have tried multiple times to contact a representative

from VMInnovations.com but your phone system appears not to be working. If you are going to list a product as being refurbished and "like new" dont act surprised when I complain it has massive cosmetic defects. I will never do business with these people again. If you arent going to tell the truth about what you are selling in your product descriptions, then dont sell it. This item is not "like new" it is very much so like "second or third hand and has massive signs of wear and use by the previous owner". Very disappointed. I would take a return, but im not paying return shipping because they lied to me about what they were selling. I refuse to spend any more time or money dealing with a lackluster company with horrible service. "

Product or Service Mentioned: Vminnovations Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $85.

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